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Water Safety Southern Africa is a specialist Watersports training and equipment solution provider.

Our Solutions are delivered through the two divisions namely, Watersports School and Watersports Equipment. 

Who We Are

Southern Africa’s foremost watersports solution provider

What We Do

Work with individuals, organisations and communities to ensure aquatic environment can be enjoyed with confidence and safety.

Watersports School


Life Saving

Scuba Diving

Marine Environment

Oceans and Coast Care

Watersports Equipment

Diving Gear

Swimming Gear

Boat Equipment

First Aid Kits

We also conduct Winter and Summer Schools. These are typically a week-long edutainment programmes where participants learn about the oceans and coasts care, leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, to mention a few.

Contact Us

Cell: 074 912 8048
Email: clients@watersafetysa.pro
11 Walnut Road, Kingsmead
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
4000, South Africa